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Craving for Balinese Culinary in New York City? This is the Place to Go

Culinary is never not a part of a holiday.

Whichever part of the world you decided to go to, don’t forget to set some time aside for a sweet – or savoury – adventure in the hunt for local food.

After all, how people make and serve their food will also reveal a great deal about how they live their life.

Located in Indonesia, Bali is one of the most idolized holiday destinations in the world.

People from the colder areas of the world, in their effort to stay warm during the harsh winters out there, have been coming to this warm and exotic paradise for decades now; spending weeks, if not months, tanning their pale skin and lie around in the sun; far from the cold and bitter snow they call home.

Being just at the centre of the archipelago, this beautiful island is a perfect place to taste some food from all across the country. From Sumatera to Papua, almost every other islands have a representative food restaurants or stalls in Bali; some you can dine in, and some offer take-outs or delivery options only.

If you are someone who are not afraid to taste new things, we think that you will find Indonesian and specifically Balinese food pretty exciting.

Coming from a place where things are mostly bland, Indonesian food – not so different from other Asian countries – will likely surprise you with lots of spices and refreshing ingredients.

Among other things, it has now become clear that everybody loves Sate Lilit. While local Balinese traditionally use pork, some people also make it with tuna fish and chicken, making it an option for people coming from Moslem countries, too.

Ayam Betutu and Nasi Campur Bali are the other two original Balinese food travellers have fell in love with. Of course, with so many people coming and staying in Bali, food and cultures from any other part of the world will inevitably come and fuse with the locals’; which, we must say, is actually a big win for everybody.

You will find t-shirts with a very Indonesian food-themed jargon “I love Nasi Goreng” scattered through any major tourist destinations in Bali.

Why, you ask?

Well, simply because almost everyone does love Nasi Goreng; simple fried rice available on almost every menu list from the top five-star hotels all the way to humble homestays.

An almost identical but not quite twin, Mie Goreng, is also one of the easiest things to find in the island, and the better news is, they will cost you less than a buck if you just have enough courage to try and buy them in sidewalk food stalls.

Now, when you go back home after some weeks or months of having these strong tastes in your mouth, you might find your tongue missing those exotic food and crave them in the strangest hours of your life.

You might also try to find out if there’s still magic in this world and if there’s any place that sells any food that remotely looks and tastes like Indonesian food.

Our good friend from England bought herself packs of instant Nasi Goreng and Satay seasoning home so she can try to recreate them in desperate times.

If you’re living in NYC, though, consider yourself lucky.

Somewhat a tribute for the land where they meet two decades back, it is David Prettyman and his spouse Jazz P. Souisay’s bold idea to open up Bali Kitchen NYC, a chic and comforting Indonesian restaurant in the heart of East Village.

With their extensively curated Indonesian food and beverages, it is really a good place to go and have a taste of Balinese and other famous traditional Indonesian food.

Don’t worry, this awesome place offers vegan and vegetarian options for almost every menu on the list, replacing meats and dairy products with tofu or tempeh and coconut milk.

Give them a try, they won’t disappoint.

For you staying in the island, congratulation! You still have time to go try as many Indonesian food as you can.

Be warned though, that our food has a tendency of tasting hot and spicy.

Give your tummy a rest every once in a while, or take a good measure and avoid any unnecessary hospital trip by getting yourself our Bali Belly package for a safe culinary fiasco around the clock.

Bon appetite!