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Another Good Reason For You to Escape to Bali, All the Modern-World Yogis Are Crowning Bali as a Yoga Heaven and Here Are the Proofs.


Yoga…  Originating in the ancient India, this thousands years old practice is so much more than a health regime, it’s also a religion and philosophy.

It has clearly become one of the most popular choice among the modern-world, especially those living on the western hemisphere of the globe, since it was brought to the West by Yogi gurus in the late 19th and early 20th century.

Understandable; among the constant stream of work loads, who wouldn’t try to find a chance to slip away and recharge their inner balance?

Having a really close knit to Hinduism, it’s only natural for yoga to grow lushly in India, the center of Hindu practices.

These days, however, a new wave of yogis and spiritual seekers from around the world has been coming to Bali, as it also has always been a special place for the Hindus.

Offering a balance between community life and yet so many choices for a peaceful retreat, there’s no wonder this tropical island is now deemed to be a modern-world Yoga heaven.

Here are some of the highlighted yoga studios you might not be able to resist when you’re in Bali.

Located in the midst of Ubud’s paddy field with a spectacular mountain surroundings, The Yoga Barn has been gaining good words from their guests and customers for years.

Not only providing a space for yoga practices day in and day out, they also have a Garden Kafe specializing in vegan foods.

Be aware that this is a very communal place with a huge number of people being part of the experience, which might be overwhelming if you’re more into small or private groups .

Come with your spiritual squad instead, and when you feel like you’ve had enough for the day, step outside and get your worldly needs replenished from a variety of shops and boutiques to choose from just in walking distance.

Next in Ubud is The Power of Now Oasis , a win if you’re having this undeniable longing for an ocean vibe, pampering your soul with the soft sound of the waves kissing with the shore.

The bamboo-based studio is shaped like a green turtle’s back as a good omen of the holistic practices they’re carrying on a daily basis.

This eco-friendly studio offers you not only yoga classes, but also health and meditation retreats, holistic care, and, if you feel like you’re ready for the next step, you can take their Yoga Alliance-certified five-star yoga teacher training program going on.

Moving along to Canggu. Samadi offers you a one-stop service for your tired soul. From daily yoga classes focusing on traditional Mysore Ashtanga yoga, yoga teacher trainings, holiday retreats, accomodation, holistic wellness treatment, all the way to healthy vegetarian food, you won’t have to ever leave the premise if not for urgent matters.

For you advanced yoga enthusiasts, their exclusively-Ashtanga-trained yoga teachers will ensure you to get the best yoga experience.

They also host a Sunday Market every week with tennants selling organic food, wellness products, clothes, and even accessories. Well, afterall, their amazing reviews have said it all.

The next Canggu’s Desa Seni Eco Village has yoga programs catering to every level with a variety of yoga styles.

These classes are given in their breath-taking yoga shala set in the heart of the place by a team of qualified, dedicated, and passionate teachers.

With the props and a complimentary lemongrass tea provided, you really don’t have any good reason to pass on this one.

Desa Seni also hosts private yoga sessions, all with very reasonable pricing, proving it one of the best place for a spiritual awakening.

If yoga classes are too regular for your liking, step it up a notch and join the even bigger crowd at the annual Bali Spirit Festival, a party to celebrate health and wellness where you will find all of your favourite things: yoga, dance, and music.

Hosted in Ubud as the center of the lifestyle, this festival will get you all filled up with the goodness in life. See you in Bali!