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Bali is Your Dream Destination Wedding

When you were younger, what was your dream wedding like?

For one of our friend Wulan, it’s always been a small, intimate ceremony with the closest of friends and family; somewhere green, leafy, flowery… a garden, for short.

For you it might have been somewhere warm, breezy, a place where you can walk barefoot to the arms of the love of your life. A beach wedding with white, flowy dress and the sound of the sea in the background as you exchange your wedding vows.

Whatever it is, wedding is admittedly something most of us can’t help but dream about.

When your dream wedding includes a tropical setting while you live in the mountains, do not let that dream die along with that flowy dress pictures you saved on your digital pin boards.

One of the perks of living in this modern era is that we can always arrange for a destination wedding instead of giving in to the situation we’re stuck on. If you are one who prefer warm climate and coconut leaves, why not consider Bali?

You’ve known the place as a holiday Mecca, for sure, but why stop there?

With the amazing variety of the island, there are lots of different venues with various ambiences you can choose from for a breath-taking ceremony; from lush green jungle-y eco-friendly ones to the simple and minimalistic small chapels with infinity pools that will make you feel like you’re floating on water while you say “I do”.

The more common beach-front alleys with sunsets as your background can be found almost everywhere, if you’re into it, so really, unless you’re wanting snow as a part of your big day, we definitely think that you should consider making Bali your destination wedding venue.

Now, once you and your S.O decided on it, you might think of what to do next.

Thanks to the digital era, you can browse all kinds of wedding things (think of venues, food, décor, bands, etc) while sipping your coffee – or wine – while you take a break from that movie marathon you’ve had going on for a while.

With all the expats running the most credible hotels and resorts in the island, we guarantee that you won’t find any difficulty arranging things for the big day. To make it even easier, though, you can always appoint a local professional wedding organizer to make sure things are going smoothly for you.

A good wedding organizer will be able to provide you with venue, decoration, caterer, all the way to entertainment recommendations based on your taste and request. Easy as A-B-C!

Don’t forget to make the trip to the venue extra special with the amazing selection of vintage car rentals; and be sure to have the photographer to take some photos of you and the car.

It’s surprisingly easy to find freelance photographers or photo agencies with amazing portfolios available on the beloved ‘net. And while you’re at it, why don’t you book a honeymoon package with one (or more, if you want) of the best hotels in the world that will replenish your mind and soul with breath-taking views, private pools, and couples’ massage in the most beautiful spas in the island?

Keep in mind that the whole process of getting hitched is awfully stressful and tiring, so make sure you and your S.O eat good food, get a little exercise, drink a lot of water, and it never hurt to consume supplements and vitamins.

Our Hydro Med Honeymoon Package is the back-up you can rely on to make sure your wedding day goes on just like the dream you’ve always wanted, sick and fatigue-free. So? Ready to say “I do”?