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Bali has many surfing spots which its popularity has been worldwide.

It is undeniable that many professional surfers from abroad have come to Bali to enjoy the thrill of challenging waves.

But on the other hand,

this makes many beginners feel intimidated because professional surfers dominate various beach around Bali.

Then what about beginners? Where can they learn to surf? Which beaches can be used as a surf spots for the beginners in Bali?

The best thing about surfing in Bali is you have many options, whether you are a pro or a beginner.

Kuta Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Bali. It’s not complete to visit Bali without visiting this beach, and of course to surf.

On this beach, there are many surfing courses, and many shops that sell or rent surf equipment.

The beach is not too deep, and the wave is not too big. The best time to learn to surf in Kuta is in the morning until late afternoon. In the evening, the wave is so much bigger that they are not suitable for beginners.

For those of you who are interested in practicing surfing on this beach, it is advisable to come in the dry season or around April to September. In these months, the wave is not too big and the wind is quite good to surf.

Next to Kuta beach, there is also Legian beach.

This beach is also one of the right surfing spot for beginners.

The wave on Legian beach is quite similar like Kuta, the outer landscape and the average wave height reaches 1 to 3 feet. Surfing equipment providers on the beach are considerably less compared to Kuta beach.

But for the surfing courses, you can find some very popular names like Ombak Legian Surf and Rip Curl School of Surf.

And then, Dreamland beach.

This beach is suitable for beginners because of its small waves and the absence of coral rock that can hurt surfers.

The waves coming from the right and left side are another reason why this beach is worth to visit. It can be reached by motorbike approximately 30 minutes from Kuta, where the area is called Pecatu.

Dreamland is still less crowded compared to Kuta beach. The number of surf equipment providers and surfing courses is still limited.

However, the popularity is increasing from time to time, so it can be ascertained that the number of surfing service providers, both courses and equipment, will increase in the future.

Next is Batu Bolong Beach

It can be reached by motorbike approximately 60 minutes from Kuta beach. The location is also close to the Seminyak beach.


This beach name is taken from the name of a temple which has the same name. While the name “Echo Beach” is a nickname that is pinned by international surfers.

The wave on Batu Bolong beach can be enjoyed by beginners to professionals. It rolled very softly, even softer when compared to Kuta beach.

The direction of the wave itself comes from two directions. Beginners are advised to practice when the waves are calm while receding.

Batu Bolong Beach is one of the favorite surfing locations for many surfers towards sunset so it is not surprising that this beach becomes more crowded in the afternoon to evening.

The next surfing spot for beginners in Bali is in Seminyak beach.

The popularity of Seminyak which has been rising in recent years couldn’t be separated from many interesting tourist’s spots, such as beach.

There are several spots like Petitenget beach with short waves coming from the left and right, which makes it an ideal surfing place for children and beginners.

In addition, there is also the Dhyana Pura beach which borders Legian beach. The quality and type of waves on the beach are similar like those on the Kuta beach, but are much quieter so that it is suitable for surfers who want to learn quietly.

So, why surf in Bali?

Well, because it suits any budget you have,

Whether you are a backpacker who likes to rent a cheap room while enjoy surfing, or you like to stay in a big hotel or a nice villa, Bali has it all.

Whether you are a pro or beginner, Bali has the options.

And even if you’re on a die-hard surf holiday, you might not want to surf all the time… there are so much thing to do beside it, like snorkelling, diving, or just chilling out at a nice restaurant with a stunning view.

Enjoy Bali waves surfing, Hang loose!