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Ten Things You Can Do to Enjoy Bali in the New Normal Ways of Living

Here we all are, at least, in the so-called “New Normal” era to live.

What an era, is it not? One with so much things that induce anxieties around us, even to think about going on a short trip to the beach will give you some doubts-especially when you have little kids at home. Ah, the kids.

Do they really understand what is going on? Do they really know what they use those face masks or shields on for? Can we really tell that they know for sure why they have to wash their hands every so often? The look on their little faces when given “no” as an answer for their plea of going to the playground can be more heartbreaking than those of the beggars on the streets, which, by the way, had raised in total as seen in the island’s main roads, begging for small changes to feed themselves.

No one will be able to say when exactly this virus will be overcome, but surely, we cannot just stay at home forever. Or can we, really? All in all, there is this concept of New Normal being carried out everywhere in the world right now.

If that is what we have to do in order to avoid Corona, then by all means, let us do it now and let us do it right. First of all, however, let us see what we should do in the New Normal way of life; and how we can implement them in our daily life, here in Bali.

  1. Stay at home, as much as you can manage. With the virus still very much alive and kicking the atmosphere, it is still strongly recommended to stay in the safety of your house. Due to the freelancing work we can do nowadays, it is really not that hard to get some gigs that you can do from home. All you need are of course a laptop and dependable cable service to provide you the fast internet connection you need.
  2. To support the first point, you can also make a new habit of shopping online. There are so many produces and food you can order and pay online that will be delivered to your door. Convenient and let us be honest, why go yourself when you can pay someone else to, right? If you are interested in buying food and fresh produces online, be sure to check Facebook marketplaces and selling-groups. There are heaps of delicacies you can choose from.
  3. When you do need to go outside, do not ever forget to wear a mask. We in Bali mostly know how hard the pecalangs can be, and for good reasons too. If it was not for them, Bali will face a much worse fate with this Corona-thing. You can not pass some roads or go in almost all the shops when you do not have a mask on, which is definitely understandable. These people need to protect themselves, too, don’t they? Let us respect their being open with such small a gesture as wearing a face mask.
  4. The next important thing is to wash your hands frequently. Just play along and think of this as a way to protect yourself. Aside from the activity becoming more and more ludicrous to you, it does help conquer the virus so effectively. If, by any chance, you are having a sensitive skin and can’t just use any other soap, then you can always bring yours in a small travel-sized container that you can just stash in your bags.
  5. For you with even more sensitive skins out there, avoid dryness with hand creams. There is no shame in carrying these things around, we’re telling you. Pick one with your favorite scent and off you go! No more dry hands and cuticles while staying perfectly clean.
  6. If you have small kids to go around with, carry an organic and non-alcoholic hand sanitizer in your purse, preferably somewhere with easy access since we guarantee you will need it so many times. Well, at this point we would all know how children’s are: they just seem to want to touch everything, don’t they? Bless their little hearts, just let them be kids and spray their hands with sanitizers after they are done messing around.
  7. Bring your own eating utensils. If you are into everything eco, then chances are you have your own eating utensils already. With Corona virus in the block, it is way safer to use our own utensils when eating out. With so many cute packs of eating utensils on sale out there, we guarantee you can find a set that suits your personality best. Staying safe and beat the plastic systen in one go? Now we can.
  8. Practice online worshipping or bring your own prayer mats and dresses if you are a moslem. No kidding, there have been many cases of Corona outbursts caused by a religious meeting. If your congregation provide you with online worships, then by all means, please use the facility with a grateful heart.Alternatively, you can maybe arrange to take turns going to Church with the other members so it will not be packed inside and you can therefore keep a distance from the people next to you. Surely it helps to wear masks ot face shields too. If you practice Islamic prayers, you should invest in travel prayer mats and dresses. They are made of much lighter and easy to fold fabrics that you can just tuck into your purse or leave in your vehicles.
  1. Choose places that operate with the new-normalism in mind. When you can, try finding cafes and restaurants that operates the new normal regulations. Since most people remove their face masks or shields when they eat or drink, you will definitely need a proper distance from the people there.Many places are reopening now and we are happy to see them supporting the new normal. Soon we can all be back to our favorite breakfast, lunch, and dinner spots without having to worry that we will get the virus. Yay for the new normal!
  1. Be a sweetheart and don’t go about partying without any safety measures taken. You might have caught the virus somewhere and transfer it to some other people without you knowing it. Of course, Bali is best for parties, but we don’t think the raves are going to be back any time soon. In the mean time, maybe make small private parties with your friends-or find a place that is not so packed.

Whatever your view on the New Normal is, please bear in mind that it is the best scenario for the siituation in this particular country and economym Nothing will be ideal, but if you ask us, this is as best we can get to be able to get out with the virus still lingering upon us. If you don’t think it is necessary for you, please remember that it might be necessary for others. So, are you ready for the New Normal?