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Bali Travel Health Insider Tips in Only 1 minute; Rabies.

Hi Bali travelers, my name is Dyah. I am a professional medical doctor from Bali. Yes, I am a Balinese.

I would like to welcome you all, welcome to Bali and certainly I hope you will fully enjoy your trip.

Did you know that being sick or being troubled by animal exposure could easily turn out to be a disaster if they are not managed properly and precisely.

Here are some useful tips for you in only 1 minute.

Well, basically animal exposure ranges from touching, lick, scraths and bite. The main question is Do we have rabies here?

For your information, Rabies is a wordwide viral disease. It happens in all continents, except Antartica. So the answer is obviously yes.

Underlined this, that no matter how small the risk is or the size of the exposure, we strongly suggest you to do the following guidelines from WHO:

FIRST, You should immediately clean the area with soap and rinse water for at least 15 minutes. Apply povidone-iodine, that brown antiseptic liquid on the wound site.

SECOND, it is depends on which category of exposure you are in. If you previously had complete vaccination against rabies, then you should get the accelerated booster immediately. But if you haven’t got it, quickly find clinics near to you to get the vaccination and Immunoglobulin ASAP.

You may contact us as we provide complete and excellent rabies exposure care in Bali. Find us 24/7 hours ready response in Kuta, Canggu, Uluwatu and Ubud.

You may also find the link to the medical provider and updated WHO guideline for rabies exposure.

Our professional medical experience our range in years and we definitely guarantee to handle this case without worries.

We would like to assist your need to stay healthy and enjoy your trip while in Bali.