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Find The Best Way to Bali: Flights Fare Vacation Tricks For You

Flights to Bali can be quite pricy for some times.

The other times, if you know how, you can hit the jackpot to save lots of cash!

Saving lots of cash in terms of traveling means you can have tons of more fun in Bali. Now, we’re talking.

For brand new or repeater traveler, having fun in Bali is the main goal, Balinese culture is definitely must watch and the hidden beaches surely must visit.

For example, if you are into outdoors especially diving, make a schedule trip checking out beautiful sea creatures right at its nature. Like the magnificent mantas in Bali while experiencing the best of the island. We have the article written just for you, click here.

So anyway, how to get to Bali ACAP? not ASAP. Yep, your read it correctly. ACAP stands fro As Cheap As Possible. Haha! Now all eyes are ready here.

We’re about to give you the tricks that can be done to get the right fare for your vacation to Bali.

If you come from US or Europe, you might want to split your journey cause flight straight from US, for example, can be very expensive.

Popular stops like Singapore or Bangkok can be used as your first stops before you go to Bali. From there you can take different airline to Bali. Why it has to be Singapore or Bangkok? Because those two usually the cheapest fare to go to Bali. *wink* Make sure also check what budget airline got to offer before you plan your trip.

If you go from Australia, cheapest flight usually from Sidney, Melbourne and Perth but keep an eye on other cities too for great deals. *wink twice*

One obvious trick is beside avoiding summer and school holidays where the fare usually pretty expensive, other tricks you can do to get cheap flight fare is go to Bali around Nyepi day. What, Why?

Well, of course during Nyep dayi Bali is very quiet and before that many people choose to leave the island instead of stuck for just one day indoor enjoying the Silent day with the locals.

So, make sure you get the best trip fare deal to Bali before the Nyepi day. In contrary, you’ll find Nyepi day very amusing. Note this, Nyepi day will be held on 7-8 March 2019.

Plan a head of time for your trip to Bali is the key for cheap flight fare.

Be flexible in terms of schedule and budget also can help. Of course, there’s always this thing called “last-minute deals” but your options usually limited.

Last but not least, always compare prices between carriers, booking sites and make use that credit card rewards is yours, if you have any, to get your best deals too.