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Trust Me, You Will be The Happiest Traveller to Know These 5 Hypest Places to Wear Your Dancing Shoes in Bali. Feel Free to Share This Article to Your Friends!


So you finally get the holiday you have earned for so long and decided to go to Bali; spending a week or two, or even months.

Packed with cultural wonders and breathtaking views all over the land, nobody will question your pick.

Bali is, without a doubt, a serene place for you to just lay in the sands and chill, maybe do some yoga.

However, with that many times you have in hand, you might want to wear that pair of dancing shoes every once in a while, have one too many drinks, and go to some of the best parties you will ever have.

Here we list for you five best places to go when your inner partygoer takes charge:

Omnia Bali, Uluwatu
This place has been getting nothing but good reviews from both local and international party people from around the globe.

Located in Uluwatu highlands, Omnia Bali offers you an amazing view with their infinity pool, a floating deck, and the wet bar overlooking the blue ocean.

They also have shades and strategically placed day beds you can rent for the day to snooze off before a night of wild partying.

Come on Fridays and Saturdays if you’re more into upbeat music, or on Sundays for a much more chilled set list.

FINN’S Beach Club, Canggu
Tired with the over-crowded Kuta? Canggu should be your next pick.

With a balanced amount of sea and paddy fields, it’s not hard to fall in love with.

FINN’s Beach Club is a place to go if you want to party. With a spacious area to enjoy the mesmerizing sunsets and attentive staff taking care of your appetite, this place has earned very good reviews regarding their pizza and DJ set lists; just another perfect spot to show those dancing skills.

Woo Bar, Seminyak
W Hotel’s highly praised Woo Bar is not one to miss, too.

Taking place at Bali’s busy street Petitenget, this bar offers you amazing food to nibble on, not to mention their famous cocktails; and their resident DJs will always be ready to give you some tunes to dance on.

Reserve your couch and come between 4 to 6 pm to get their best deals.

SKY Garden, Legian
You might have heard about this one a lot.

Being in the top 100 clubs in the world, Sky Garden has surely earned the title of one of the best dance floors in Bali.

With different levels playing different genres, you’ll find something that suits your dance moves most.

Come have the big names play for you at the famous SKY Dome as they fly in all year round.

La Favela, Seminyak
With amazing decor and jam-packed floors, no wonder there’s always a long line before you can finally join the crowd inside La Favela.

Their unique concept will definitely cater for your party needs; from delicious food and drinks to top 40s DJ set lists, you’ll find something you’ll enjoy. Pay in cash for the best experience.

So there they are, five best places to party in Bali.

Be aware, though, too many nights of dancing and partying might leave you feeling a little bit worn down.

But what about that flight you’re having the next day? It’s actually not so hard to replenish your body and get it ready for another trip: devour as many fruits and vegetables, get enough rest, and drink a lot of water.

You can try a medical resort as many health clinics in Bali like Hydromedical provide booster packages to further enhance your stamina.

Their signature Hydro’s Premium Myers Cocktail, for instance, is packed with all the jam you’d need for those long hours on board.

Clean your liver, rehydrate, and energize yourself for an enjoyable anti jet-lag trip to your next destination.

See you on your next trip here!