Backpackers,The Astonishing Canggu is Your Destination

If you’re planning for an upcoming holiday, listen to us, do spend a night or two in Canggu.

Now, there’s actually no wonder for Canggu to be a new favorite since it caters the need of so many different peole; whether you travel with a backpack or with five luggages behind you, low budget, high budget, you name it; Canggu will have something for you.

If you’re planning to come here as a backpacker, then continue reading, this article is made for you.

Accommodations. Ranging from as low as $5.00 a night (yes, you read that right) all the way up, you will definitely find a cool, nice place to stay around Canggu.

You can choose between low cost hotels to hostels, private rooms to bunkbeds, a villa so cheap you’ll want to extend the 2 days into 2 months, Canggu has it all.

Since it is a well-known area for surfing, many of these accommodations even include free surfing lessons into their room rates; you’ll just have to spend some more time on the web to find these deals.

Moving on to the eateries, again, Canggu is filled with small, cute cafes that offer you with all kinds of food, thanks to the foreigners living in the island and sharing the food from their countries with the island.

Breakfast menus, hearty lunches, vegan food, everything is available here.

Remember to try some of the local buffet menus sold in Warung Banyuwangi, you’ll find yourself liking them. Again, prices here are varied, but local buffet food is sold at approximately $ 0.35 to $ 0.70 per dish.

If you’re eating yellow rice (try it, it’s delicious) with a beef rendang, some veggie and potato cake, with a glass of fresh orange juice, you’ll just have to pay for around $ 2.10 (yes, again, you read that right).

Spending the night for a backpacker can also be done in so many different ways around Canggu.

From the all-time favorite Old Man’s Bar to the newer ones along Batubolong Street, cold beers and refreshing tropical cocktails are readily available almost everywhere you go.

In the contrary, if you’re more into having a quiet and relaxing night, you can always go to the beach and get yourself a cold beer and corn on the cob, no problem.

Being a backpacker doesn’t mean you have to abandon your health. If you’re feeling a bit down, having a pretty bad hangover, got your foot sliced by the rocks, or any other minor incidents, worry not! There are plenty of small emergency clinics with English-speaking staff that will assist you to regain your health.

Feeling a bit down? Come down to our Canggu parlor and get yourself IV boosts; you’ll feel renewed in no time, we promise.

Be sure to check for your hotels beforehand on the internet and read the reviews before you make any booking to avoid scams; use trustworthy community or forum-based travel sites to ask around and tips for an even better experience.

If you’ve been in Canggu, do share your experience with us in the comment section. Enjoy Canggu!