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Bali has many local foods that makes you mouth-watering but Babi Guling is likely to be their best trademark.

When it comes to talk about Balinese cuisine, it is endless. Especially, the one and only, Suckling Pig or in local words called Babi Guling.

Babi Guling is often served anytime and anywhere. They sell it, or even they had it in a ceremony as an offerings and celebration. So even the locals are craving for this.

Using local mix-spices is one of uniqueness they have. This typical balinese food is indeed one of the most sought-after dishes. If you go to Bali and haven’t enjoyed Babi Guling, it might feel like something is missing because not all cities in Indonesia sell this kind of food.

Besides the popular one’s like Babi Guling Oka in Ubud, or Babi Guling Malen in Seminyak, Babi Guling Chandra in Denpasar, or even Babi Guling Dobiel in Nusa Dua, if you’re lucky enough to stay in Kuta area, our recommendation goes to Warung Babi Guling Ibu Dayu (in English is Ma’am Dayu’s Suckling Pig).

This stall is suitable for pig’s fans or anyone who is starving in the middle of the night and looking for something special to eat in Kuta area.

It is open around 6pm to midnight.

You will be served with one plate of rice, complete with fresh fried pork meat, along with pork meat smeared with ketchup, crispy pork skin, pork satay, a mixed vegetable made from bean sprout and coconut, and a small bowl of gravy rib soup with tender meat. The taste is very authentic.

The balinese mix-spices makes the taste a little bit spicy and salty. It is located on Jalan Raya Kuta, which is often crowded every night, so you must be ready to queue up to get one portion. The price? Relatively cheap! One portion is not more than IDR 30K. This is not included drink.

On the other side, Bali is not only famous for their suckling pig, but also their fish.

The mainstream one is of course grilled fish which you could easily find on Jimbaran or Kedonganan beach. Basically, any good seafood platter there. We recommend you another dish which is more interesting, it is not a sea-water fish but fresh-water fish, the tilapia fish, or Ikan Mujair in Bahasa.

In Bangli area, center of Bali, (which is the one and only district in Bali that has no beach, fyi), tilapia fish is processed into a delicious dish, called Mujair Nyat-Nyat.

The word Nyat-Nyat comes from the seasoning. It really needs a variety of herbs. These include onion, garlic, red chili, candlenut, ginger, turmeric, pepper and a combination of several types of spices called ‘base genep’ (mixed or complete spices). These spices are then pulverized by adding flavourings in the form of salt and lime and fried. After they fried the fish, they add the spices and steamed it until the spices infiltrate the fish. Just by imagine it, makes us very curious about the taste, right?

How about the price? It ranges from IDR 35K until IDR 45K not include the drink. The taste is so authentic, and that is the main reason why you guys should try.

You will not find this in anywhere else, and plus the price is relatively cheap! Bon appetite, guys!