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Airline regulations’ PCR Test for International flight from Bali

Right now, there’s no lockdown in Bali and all Indonesia.

But the local government and Balinese Banjar are taking some measures. You must wear mask outside. Modern markets must close at 11 PM. You will get penalty Rp100,000 if not wearing Mask.

Covid-19 Cases in Bali is at the highest level since Domestic tourism reopening. Please always wear mask and be safe! Bali is in the Red Zone List of Corona Virus. There is a warrant from the Balinese government that calls for compliance with health protocols and some restrictions. Some of them are reducing employees to work in offices, reducing the number of visitors to tourist attractions, and limiting worship.

Travelling during this pandemic is not recommended. However, due to urgent reasons and assuming you are eligible to visit Bali-Indonesia, then it is the extra cost you need to consider before booking a flight. First, you need to check if you are eligible to enter Indonesia.

The exceptions are made for (Per 9 February 2021): The holders of Official Visa, The holders of Diplomatic Visa, The holders of Visitor’s Visa, The holders of Temporary Residence Visa (VITAS), The holders of Official Residence Permit, The holders of Diplomatic Residence Permit, The holders of Temporary Residence Permit (ITAS), The holders of Permanent Residence Permit (ITAP), Active crew members (registered), The holders of APEC Business Travel Card (ABTC), Border crossers (Dwellers), Residents of countries that Indonesia already has a bilateral agreement on Travel Corridor Arrangement (TCA), The holders of approval letter from competent authorities

There’s a chance for you to get a Visitor’s Visa or Single Entry Business e-VISA B211A that you can apply by yourself on the official immigration website https://www.imigrasi.go.id/ or get a help from a visa agent. The cost of visa handing by an agent may vary from five to eight million rupiah. But due to the outbreaks of new mutations, travel ban for visitors from the United Kingdom (UK), Australia, Italy and Denmark most likely be extended. There is no clear information when Visa on Arrival will be available again in the future.

The Indonesian government also requires national and international tourists planning to board a plane to Bali to take a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) swab test at least 2 x 24 hours before departure or rapid antigen test at least 1 x 24 hours before departure. Meanwhile, tourists traveling overland to Bali will be required to do a rapid antigen test on D-2 before departure.

The provision was decided at the COVID-19 Handling Coordination Meeting in Greater Jakarta Area, West Java, Central Java, East Java, and Bali, led virtually by the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment Luhut Binsar Panjaitan on Monday (14/12) due to the anticipation of a spike in COVID-19 cases during the Christmas and New Year Holidays. And it was revised on Friday, January 8, 2021.

Based on the revision of Circular Letter No. 01 Year 2021 regarding Implementation of Community Activities During Christmas Holidays and Welcoming the New Year 2021 in a New Era of Life in Bali Province and its revision, all the tourists who want to visit Bali must meet the following requirements:

Being responsible for the health of each, and comply with the terms and applicable provision; Those traveling by plane must show a certificate of a negative result of PCR-based swab test no later than 2 x 24 hours before departure or a certificate negative result of rapid antigen test no longer than 1 x 24 hours before departure, and filling e-HAC Indonesia; Those traveling using private vehicles through land and sea transportation must show a certificate of a negative result of PCR-based swab test no later than 2 x 24 hours before departure or a certificate negative result of rapid antigen test no longer than 1 x 24 hours before departure.

While you are in Bali, you must have a certificate of negative results of the PCR-based swab test which is valid for 14 days, or a negative result of a rapid antigen test which is valid for 7 days. Domestic travelers departing from Bali can use their valid certificate of negative result of the PCR-based swab test or a valid rapid antigen test for the return trip from Bali.

For international travelers, please be mindful to always check your country’s policy regarding flight restrictions to Indonesia before planning to visit Bali. We will keep you updated with the newest information and regulations regarding traveling to Indonesia during the pandemic.

Based on COVID-19 Handling Acceleration Force letter, the acceptable period of Health Certificates based on COVID-19 test type results are as follows:

  • Flights to Bali Island: health certificate of negative RT-PCR test results, issued within a maximum period of 2 x 24 hours before departure or negative results of the rapid antigen test, issued within a maximum period of 1 x 24 hours before departure.
  • Flights to other destination: health certificate of negative RT-PCR test results, issued within a maximum period of 3 x 24 hours before departure or negative results of the rapid antigen test, issued within a maximum period of 2 x 24 hours before departure, unless there are special provisions from local authorities.
  • For some destinations other additional/special requirements apply, detailed information in the table below.

Besides all of the requirements above, passengers may go through additional health checks or to fill other forms/statement letters required by local authorities/local government. You may also be required to provide a copy, and original documents once check-in at the departure or landed at the destination. The airlines are not responsible for any lack of the required documents and have the right to cancel the flight of the passenger who could not complete the flying requirements.

Wearing a face mask is compulsory at the airport and during the flight. Most of the airlines have their own policies of social distancing which cause the flight may only be filled by a half of the capacity or less. It is also advised that passengers do not communicate with others during flight, and delay meals or drink times if possible, in short flights. If you are on a long hour’s flight, consider bringing your own cutleries and personal hygiene kits. These measures are parts of the #safetravel and #welovebali campaign created by the authority, to revive the tourism industry in the island of gods.

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