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7 Stay at home fun activities to keep your mental positive

Governments in several regions in Indonesia have closed schools and teaching and learning activities to prevent the spread of the corona virus.

People are also advised not to do many activities or work outside the home, stay away from the crowd and stay home. Some community leaders have also advised the community to stay home, many citizens on social media have voiced the hashtag #dirumahaja.

However, spending time at home certainly feels boring. There are many things that can be done social distancing or keeping a social distance from the corona outbreak as reported by the People page.

Stay at home fun activities if you are single

  1. Self care

You can do self-care to fill your free time at home such as using face masks or scrubs.

  1. Play board game

You can play board games like Monopoly, Scrabble. Uno Stacko. Or maybe you can also make your own game to make it more interesting and fun.

  1. Sports at home

Physical and mental health is also important at times like this. Then it will be better if you do sports in your home. This can be even more fun if you do it together with your family members, for example doing gymnastics and seeing it online from YouTube.

  1. Try a new hobby

You can use this social distancing time to learn new skills that you don’t already have. This can be done like writing, reading a book or novel, playing a musical instrument, or knitting.

  1. Tidy up the items and decorate the room

Cleaning the whole house and decorating the room can also be your choice during your free time. In addition to filling free time, this also has a positive impact. Cleaning items with alcohol can also help prevent the corona virus from spreading around your home.

  1. Dry pillows and mattresses

Drying your pillows and mattresses is also an activity that should not be spared from tidying things in your home. This is intended so that any dirt or bacteria behind it can immediately disappear and return to being clean.

  1. Marathon film

At home you can do anything. If you want to spend vacation time at home, then you can watch your favorite movie marathon. Or you can also watch Korean dramas and other serial films.

  1. Make a variety of foods

For those of you who like to eat, making your own favorite foods or foods that have never been tried can also be an option to fill your free time. This can be done with your mother or siblings. Moreover, it has been prepared and eaten together, certainly able to add togetherness.

  1. Gardening in the yard

Have a large yard especially there is a garden, then gardening can be a fun activity on your vacation If the ornamental plants do not yet exist, then you can add them. Or you can also water and care for the plants.

  1. Make a TikTok video

If you didn’t join TikTok, now it’s time to learn to join. Making videos in the application gives you the opportunity to be creative, do some jokes, and do physical activity by learning the endless TikTok dance.